SkyShell studio team

We are a group of specialists from different countries and different IT fields who are passionate about neural networks and “intelligent algorithms”. Our company has a variety of interesting ideas that we would like to implement for the benefit of humans.


Software Developer, Technical analyst, Master of Coding

Coming from a family of engineers, Kensei has been programming since his teens. He has learnt dozens of software languages from ASM'86 to Swift. Kensei's ability to be both gifted and assiduous ensures he always has the right tool for any task.


WEB Fullstack dev, SysAdmin, Strategic Business Dev

Di Skyer has started working with the ZX Spectrum counterpart in the last century. Passed the way of programming even before the Internet era. He is experienced in all part of WEB development. Learned a few programming languages on his own.


Graphic, UI/UX and Product design Master

Liachala Likes to create various designs and think over the strategy and logic of a product. Appreciates harmony in everything. Liachala's experience in programming allows her to understand well and effectively collaborate with the developers.


Language Guru, Marketing, Web-designer

Being Jill-of-all-trades Kate has worked in many areas: retail, customer service, language translation, social media and marketing. Recently she has found her passion for web design and now she is successfully helping different businesses to enhance their online presence through building functional and appealing website designs.