SkyShell Network Roadmap

Major Milestones

Major milestones refer to the phases of development of the main branch of the SkyShell Studio project on a neural network.

Phase 1 — Reading

  • The use of neural networks in text analysis.
  • Analysis of word meanings.
  • Analysis of sentences and their meanings.
  • Analysis of big data using algorithms.
  • Development of decision-making concepts based on data sets.
  • Development and implementation of API.
  • Launching the first version of mobile app and public data collection.
  • Development of simple services based on the data collected.

Phase 2 — Vision

  • Analysis of visual images using neural networks.
  • Training neural networks to recognize graphic images.
  • Training neural networks to read input data from cameras and sensors.
  • Development of algorithms that predict neural network behavior based on the collected data.
  • Design and implementation of services based on the collected data.

Phase 3 — Virtual World & Memory

  • Virtual phase that encompasses the metaverse, API, plugins, and some other programs.
  • Management of available resourses based on collected data.
  • Development of databases to interact with neural networks.
  • Control of neural networks and identification of their actions based on their experience.
  • The implementation of the object builder kit based on a neural network.
  • Development of models for use in virtual environments.

Also, we will actively improve the way a neural network functions with databases, which implies that our neural network will be enhanced with memory.

Phase 4 — Real World

Development of models that can be used in the real world (such as drones, micro-robots, helper robots, production robots, etc.).