SkyShell studio App

We are still working on the app. We will keep you posted on social media about our progress.

Description updated on the 2023-09-15

  • The launch date is Q4 2022 (old date Q1-Q3).
  • The 1st phase: We are launching the app and gathering statistics to propel the development of our neural network.
  • The 2nd phase: We showcase and provide neural network services.
  • In the future mobile and service functionalities will be enhanced.
  • The app will be available through the App Store and Google Play.
  • You will be able to receive SKS tokens for FREE through the app (2nd airdrop).

Why the deadlines is changed?

We re-thought the sequence of actions in terms of development.

It was decided to expand the functionality of our mobile app to meet the needs of the SKS token itself. Plus we will make it useful for other users who care about the security of their coins and tokens, just like us.

Our app will be a crypto wallet with the ability to manage and store tokens and NFTs. We look at NFTs primarily as at useful data tokenization tools, not just pictures. Even in the first public version we plan to implement security features that others do not include.

We believe that our app will be useful to the community of crypto enthusiasts. Because of that our app will be transparent and free (except XRPL commissions).

What about the timing?

We will announce the next stage of development of our mobile app when we start a closed beta test.

Thanks to believers 😁