SkyShell studio network

We are looking for new possibilities

Our mission

We are studying neural networks and their use in practical applications for the benefit of humans.

At the first stage of development we are looking for a viable prototype for AI artistic part implementation. We are currently seeking a model to represent imagination and intuition.

In the future, the results of the research will be used for specific projects in the SkyShell studio.

See details on our path page.
Also don’t pass by, we have whitepaper.

Our next & current steps:

  • Mobile 1st App

    Application start. 2nd airdrop. Explore the possibilities.

During the first phase we will launch an app, as well we will attract new users and increase their engagement in our project. The first version of the launched app will give us all the necessary tools to provide the second phase of Airdrop.

  • Network API

    Service for the project.

We intend to launch a project that incorporates our future goals to study neural networks and their practical applications. In the nearest future we plan to create a neural network capable of repeating the actions of the user in the past.

  • ML Database

    memory for skybots

We collect and organize the database for use by bots (separate objects). The more we collect from different sources, the greater the accuracy of predicting actions will be.

  • Forecasting

    new links for the model

Training of models based on new data on the genomic system. The best will enter each new generation. Implementation of a system inspired by nature.